If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be teaching people things by yelling at them in a language I barely know, I would have called them a dirty stinkin’ liar.

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Haha, thanks! You did say this on my facebook in time, but you are the only one to say it on Tumblr too, I guess. Nonetheless, appreciated! :)

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Justin Timberlake pranks Jay-Z by depriving him of Vitamin D

Yep, definitely found a new favorite tumblr.


Justin Timberlake pranks Jay-Z by depriving him of Vitamin D

Yep, definitely found a new favorite tumblr.

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Celebrating Adulthood

Why yes, I am sitting at my computer watching The Clone Wars, eating Beanie Weenies, and drinking peach schnapps.

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Office Fun Time!

I sent a couple of coworkers an email about words with spelling that annoys me (practitioner and queue, to be specific). One of them replied, which started the following exchange (verbatim)…

Me: Some fun, though: “bastard” is typed with one hand (except when I use my right hand for the letter b for some reason).

Coworker: I don’t understand. Why do you use your right hand for the letter, “b” ?

Me: No one quite knows the reason.

Perhaps that the sleeve on that arm is too tight.

Perhaps that my wrist wasn’t screwed on just right (heh).

But I think that the most likely reason of all…

Is that being taught how to type right was too dull.

But really, I have no idea. It’s just how my fingers go sometimes. Only when it’s the first letter in a word, though.

Coworker: Methinks someone has too much free time.

…She is probably right.

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My Writing Process

"I wonder how many prepositions I can nest in the middle of a sentence…" (I think in the past I have gotten up to 3—have not tried at work yet; it would probably die a fiery death in edits).

"No, something is off. Ah, here: ‘Sunshine Act… looms over the horizon.’ Heheh! I hope someone eventually gets a chuckle out of that."

"I wonder how many Tron references I can get past the edits in this blog piece…"

The Answer: Most that I could think of.

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Last night, I dreamt…

…that Jimmy Page (of led zeppelin fame) asked me to teach him how to install a graphics card on a PC.

He then went over all the lands in middle earth that he would search for the graphics card. For some reason, there was only one in existence.

Wtf, brain.

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2nd Degree Blue Belt!

(That is our version of black belt)

Or at least, tested today. Should get the promotion tomorrow.

The best boyfriend in the world got his car fixed a day early and surprised me by being able to come watch.

Got congratulated by MANY people, so I assume it went well. Also received the comment, “You know, for a small girl, she looks like she can take out half the people in the room.”

Did not break boards with the double jumping front snap kick…

…but there was a pretty sweet picture of me trying!

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(Today, it was my thumb. And I have no clue what happened.)

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Things that don’t change

So, I’ve been thinking lately how Ke-dollar sign-ha looks almost exactly like Britney Spears (did). So I watched one of her videos. Don’t judge me; I have good taste in music, but I don’t always want to listen to the good music.

So, I noticed something.

Ever since (probably) freaking Madonna, every performance by a female pop star of the dancing/putting on a show variety has featured muscular, shaved, vaguely homoerotic male dancers.

Not that I’m complaining about the objectification of men to a similar extent that many women are (or some sociology BS like that); it’s just distracting that they are always there and always in the same somewhat bondage-style outfits. Besides, I don’t like men with… too many muscles.

As a side note, remember when Britney did a music video/song with Madonna? That was weird…

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